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Server Outage on Friday May 3rd
We will be taking the project server down this Friday to perform the previously mentioned upgrade. We plan to take it down at approx 11am and hope to be back up by 3pm (AZ time). During this time, all project functionality will be disabled, including the main website and the forums.
1 May 2013 | 19:26:34 UTC · Comment

Server Upgrade
We will be upgrading the server hardware in the next 2 to 3 weeks. This should be a smooth transition; however, any user still using the old url (stat.la.asu.edu) needs to change this to the new alias (numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields). This can easily be done by removing/adding the project. The alias is in place now, so this can be done anytime before the upgrade. Thanks!
21 Apr 2013 | 22:56:07 UTC · Comment

Decic search over Q(i) is making good progress.
The final level of the decic search over Q(i) has surpassed the 1/3 point. As mentioned previously, this is an extremely large search, so this is a worthy achievement. Only 2 more thirds to go. Congrats everyone!
7 Apr 2013 | 21:33:40 UTC · Comment

Subfield #10 is now complete
Congratulations everyone! The bounded app has now crunched through subfield 10 of 49. We are moving on to subfield 11, the one with discriminant 133.
16 Mar 2013 | 20:16:05 UTC · Comment

Another milestone reached
Good job everyone! Another level of the decic search over Q(i) has completed. We now move to the final leg of the search over Q(i). The final batch of WUs is targetting those fields with discriminant (2^29)*(5^18). This will be the biggest and baddest search so far, with a whopping 819200 WUs.
27 Jan 2013 | 2:49:27 UTC · Comment

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